Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Finally outside

After weeks and weeks of rain we finally have had some blue skies!  It was so nice to be able to go outside and play around.

 Oakley got his first ride in the jeeps

 Owen decided that he needed motorcycle gear to ride his bike

 Oakley had fun playing with Cambria.  They shared rocks...

 and a wagon ride

 Owen and Bruce made a bow and arrow out of some PVC pipes and things that were laying around the garage.

 Reagan and Callen had fun with the wagon too.

Then Reagan decided it was safer to ride with Cambria :)
I sure hope the warm weather stays, I think we have had plenty of rain for this year!

Bailey's Orchestra concert

This year Bailey was given the opportunity to be in orchestra.  She really wanted to do it but couldn't decide on which instrument to learn.  She finally settled on the violin so we went and bought her one because they didn't have any to rent through the school plus we figured that she would probably keep on playing it for the next few years.
They had a "Monster Concert" on April 28th but I couldn't go because I had already planned to host a Pampered Chef party for that night.  Bruce did go and he said that it was a really neat concert.  I was really sad that I missed it.
Luckily they had another concert on May 24th at the school that I was able to go to.  It was pretty good, the kids seemed a little nervous with the whole school watching but it was nice to watch.

 If you look at the scroll you can see different colors of yarn.  They signify "belts" like in karate.  I was very proud of her that she had all the "belts" she has practiced very hard.

 At the end of the concert Bailey, Abigail, Caressa, and Winnie did a little song for Mr. Pitcher because he is leaving to a different school next year, well I guess so are these girls :)
 Bailey and Manae
 Bailey and Caressa
 The whole orchestra class

He's a walker!

Well Oakley finally decided to start walking!  He's been able to stand up in the middle of a room for about two months now so I thought that he would be walking forever ago, but he was just too chicken!  On the 20th he finally started taking more than just a couple steps, he would walk ten or so steps before he would loose his balance and was walking a ton that night.  The next day I thought that he would be walking all over but he wouldn't!  He would take two or three steps and the just sit down!  Later on that night though he started walking more like he did the night before!  It was so crazy!  He is walking about 85% of the time and is getting faster, he still looks like a drunk, but he will get better with time...I hope.

 This is the look I get most of the day.  He wants to be held but I usually have so many other things I need to do so when I won't pick him up I get the saddest face from him...such a rough life!

Bailey's N.O.V.A. and sixth grade graduation

After Owen's graduation and Morgan's field trip was Bailey's graduation.  They paired the N.O.V.A. graduation with the sixth grade graduation since most of the kids would be doing both.  I can't believe how fast she is growing up.  She did so well in school this year, but that's really no surprise, she has always done well.  So well that she earned the "Mary Poppins" award, she is practically perfect in every way!   

 Some of the kids got to read their NOVA declaration.  One was Bailey's friend Manae and another was a boy I babysit, Parker.  Pretty cool.

Bailey and her wonderful teacher Ms. Leach

Classic skating with Morgan

Morgan has a field trip after Owen's graduation so right before Owen walked I ran over to her classroom.  Morgan was so excited to go skating but a little nervous because last time we went she fell down...a lot.  So she begged me to go so she could hold my hand.
We went to Classic skating so we needed to ride the bus up there.  I forgot how lovely bus rides can be, wow, those kids were noisy!

 Tava, Savanna and Morgan
 We got there and got our skates on and Morgan was better than she expected.  We went around together quite a few times but then she wanted to skate with her awesome teacher.  That worked out so then I could take pictures.  Morgan was so proud of herself, she didn't fall one time!

Owen's Kindergarten graduation

On May 19th Owen graduated from Kindergarten.  I wasn't able to stay for the whole thing because I had promised Morgan to go to her field trip.  I was able to watch most of it though.
Owen did so good this year in school.  He loves to read but was most excited about learning about math.  I was so proud of the way he treated everyone, with respect and kindness.  He made so many friends. 
He said the saddest part about graduating was that he wouldn't get to see his wonderful teacher Mrs. Comte everyday.  She is such an amazing teacher and I was so happy that Owen was able to have her this year.

Way to go Owen!  We love you bud!