Friday, September 11, 2009

Reagan's birthday

I am only two months behind
but no one really reads my blog anyways
so as long as I get it there for blurb it doesn't matter
Well Reagan turned three on August 3
I still can't believe that my baby is 3!
We decided to get her a bike for her birthday
she can't really peddle her trike yet
but we didn't know what else to get her
and we knew that she would need a bike eventually
we got her a few other things
build-a-bear DS game
a new dress
new shoes
and some books

Kim and family
got Reags
a cute coloring book
and some glitter crayons
I think that she had a pretty good day!

Pizza night

After all the fun at the lake
we had yummy pizza
the kids loved it,
I think the kids ate more than the adults!
I think there were a few adults who didn't even get any!

The three musketeers
The little girls table

The silly girls table!

Jumping off the dock

At the end of the day
the kids really wanted to jump of the dock
I think that this is turning into a new tradtion!

Morgan wanted to jump
but was just a little too nervous
maybe next year
Owen wanted to jump
but we were a little too nervous
maybe in 3 years...
Bailey and her cousin Aarynn
jumping off together

Sharing cheetos

I had to snap a few pictures
of Owen sharing some cheetos
with Reagan and Abi
it was just too cute!

I love this of Reagan!

Swimming at Payson Lakes

After a while of fishing
the kids decided to play in the water
the air was hot
the water was cool
it was a perfect combination!
Ariel was kind enough
to spen a lot of time with the little ones
in the water
Thanks Ariel!

Morgan and Reagan
trying to warm up
on the warm rocks by the lake

Fishing at Payson Lakes

In the end of July
and first part of August
my family had a reunion
I have three sisters who live out of state
and it is always fun to have everyone together
It has become one of our favorite traditions
to go to Payson Lakes for a day
to fish,
play in the water,
or just hang out.

Doesn't Bruce look so cute here?!?!
Bruce helps all the kids bait their hooks
he loves fishing with the whole family
even if most of his time is spent
helping out the kids with their poles!
Bailey loves to fish too
she loves to spend time with her daddy

Morgan loves the outdoors too
I LOVE the one of her with her fishing hat
Kim found this at a yardsale on the way to the lake

Owen was having a bit of a rough start
he tripped on the way over to the fishing spot
but as soon as the poles came out he was excited!
Reagan thought that she was such a big girl with her pole
she had been practicing reeling in
on our front lawn for a few weeks now
so she was a pro with reeling!

We love going to Payson Lakes
we really should go more often
since we live only 10 minutes away!

At our fishing hole there was this cute group of ducks
I loved how they were all crowded up on the rock in the middle of the water