Monday, May 26, 2008

Learning to shave

Bruce decided to have Owen shave with him after they both got their hair cut tonight. Owen sure thought that he was all grown up being able to do such a grown up thing!

Owen thinks that Bruce is number one! I just love the look on Owens face looking up at his daddy!
Bruce helped him spred the shaving gel
Using his spoon as a razor, he will need to practice for about 12 years before I let him have a real razor!
Like father, like son
All done, then they both jumped in the shower and Bruce let him use his body wash, boy do they both smell so good! Owen has got a baby bottom soft face now!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Class of 2020

Morgan graduated Kindergarten on May 22. We are so proud of her and the huge strides that she has made this year, she has learned so much and is such a good reader! Congrats sweetie!
Morgan was very proud of her diploma!
Morgan with Mrs. Comte her teacher she is a wonderful woman and we hope that the rest of the kids will get her!
Morgan loved Miss Heidi, she helped out in the class room and even substituted a few times!Morgan also loved Miss Jody, Mrs. Comte's daughter, she helped out a lot in the class room and was such a sweet person...we hope that she has a great mission!
Morgan with Owen. Owen was the only one who was able to go. Bailey and Reagan got the stomache flu and didn't feel good enough to go (we also didn't want to infect the entire school!) Owen was a proud supporter and yelled for her every chance he got!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Grass is beautiful!

We have grass! Green is the most beautiful color in the world! I love to open my blinds in the morning and see green, what a wonderful sight!
This is the truck that brought the sod for us and two other families in our neighborhood

Bruce checking out the sweet grass! (You can see how tall the pallets were stacked, and we had seven full pallets and one half pallet)

Owen, posing in front of a pallet of sod

We had TONS of help...thank you to all that took time out of your day to help us it was greatly appreciated, we got done in record time!!!

We are so happy with our sod, it was a lot of work but it is so worth having 'instant' grass!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Another one gone!

Morgan has lost another tooth! For those of you keeping track she has lost 5 teeth and is only 5 years old!

She was at the counter doing her homework and out it came! It surprised everyone! I think that she may have been wiggling it with her tounge and it was really loose (obviously) she must have just hit is just right.
I am glad that it came out...I was worried that she was going to loose it while eating and swallow it!!

One of these days she will have all her teeth grown in, but I don't think it will be for a while!