Sunday, March 7, 2010

Reagan's first haircut

All of my other kids have had a haircut before they were two
I don't know why but I haven't cut Reagan's yet
I just haven't gotten around to it
it was starting to get a little bit to mullety
So after the aquarium I asked Cami to cut her hair

Here's the before

she held still so good!
She just sat with her arms folded
towards the end she started getting a little wiggly
but not too bad

she was a little unsure about the change at first
but now she likes it
I miss not having her hair in piggy's
but it feels so much healthier and thicker
Thanks Cami!

The Living Planet Aquarium

We have been promising the kids
that we would go to the aquarium for a few weeks now
It always seemed like something came up
someone was sick
or we were working on the basement
Last Saturday the kids woke us up out of bed asking
"If we do all of our chores really good,
can we please go to the aquarium?"
with their little puppy dog eyes, how could we say no?
The kids did their chores super good
we invited Cami,Clint (along with their niece and nephew)
and Austin

The kids were most excited about the sting rays
can you really blame them?

Owen and Morgan dove right in
to touch the sting rays
Owen was soaked up to his neck!

Reagan had pumped herself up to touch a sting ray
she would say, "I'm going to touch a sting ray."
to anyone who would listen to her
then came the time to touch them and she freaked out
Bruce tried to talk to her about it
but she is very stubborn
and she said and when she is Bailey's age
then she will touch a sting ray!

We had so much fun
I was glad that Cami, Clint, Ashton, Evie and even Austin got to go!
I am glad that we purchased the year pass back in June,
even though this is only the second time we have gone
we want to go back next month
they are going to have penguins!
We also learned not to go to the presentations
it was pretty boring...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Blanket for Oakley

With only 87 days until I have Oakley
I decided it's time to make quilt for him
I fell in love with a friend of mine's quilt she made for her son
she let me look at it to see how to make it
Luckly I had plenty of fabric left over from Owen's quilt
so they will have matching quilts
first I cut the material into 2 inch strips
then I sewed the material that was the same together to make long strips
Then I got some material that matched
Layed everything out
bottom layer, batting, top layer, strips
pinned them all together
and sewed them all together.
I still need to bind it
I really don't like binding.
So as soon as I bind it and wash it
I will show you the finished product!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Ameilia Earhart

At Bailey's school, the fifth graders have an opportunity
to be a member of a wax museum
They first had to write an essay of why they wanted to be a certain character
then they had to do research,
write a paragraph about their character
and memorize their part.
Bailey decided to be Ameilia Earhart.

Bailey loved learning more about Ameilia
she didn't enjoy the wax musuem however
it was extremly hot in the room they were in
and she got a dry mouth from
reciting her part she wrote so many times!


For my nephew's birthday
we all went to Chuck-e-cheese's
The kids had lots of fun
it's nice that they stamp every ones hand when you walk in
so you can let the kids run free!

Bailey decided this year
that she was too old to play any games
but she was more than willing to help Reagan play
so it worked out nicely

The kids had so much fun
they got to play with their cousins
earn lots of tickets for prizes
and eat lots of cake!