Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Makin' t-shirts with Cami

Cami and I always try to think of something fun and creative to do with the kids while Bruce and Clint are watching the BYU game.  Not that I don't love watching football, just the kids start getting restless :)

Cami wanted to teach us how to make freezer paper stencils.  It was so much fun and super easy.  I think we will do this one again!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Nail fun

Cami and Pinterest have inspired me to do fun things with my girls' nails.  First we did Bailey's nails by taping around each nail then getting a cup of water and dropping a single drop of nail polish at a time until you create a bulls eye.  Then you get a toothpick and swirl it around into a pattern that you like.  Then you dip one or two nails at a time into the water. Clear the excess nail polish in the water while your nail is still in there.  Then lift out of the water, remove tape and clean up around the nail.  It took a lot of trial and error but the end result was really awesome!

Morgan wanted her nails painted too, but different than Bailey's.  While surfing on Pinterest I came across a fun idea.  You paint your nails any color. (In the tutorial it was gray so Morgan insisted that we needed gray) While the polish was drying I cut newspaper into little squares.  Once her nails were dry we dipped them, one at a time, into rubbing alcohol for about 15 seconds. (The tutorial said to use Vodka but then I read another blog and they used rubbing alcohol) Then you take the finger out of the alcohol and immediately press the newspaper square onto the nail, then you gently lift the newspaper off.  Finish it with a top coat.  So easy peasy!

Well Reagan didn't want to be left out but her nails are so tiny that it would be so hard to do anything fancy. So I let her choose what colors to paint her nails.  This is what she chose :)

Morgan and Reagan wanted me to snap a few pictures of them when we were outside :) Man I love my kids!

Oakley and Dory

Dory is the perfect family dog.  She is so patient and loving towards everyone, especially kids.  When Oakley was learning to walk he would grab on to her hair to help him pull up and she wouldn't make a peep.  Oakley is constantly riding her like a horse and she loves it.  They follow each other around all day and lately have become the best of friends. 

I am not a dog lover and sometimes I wish that we didn't have any animals but at the end of the day I am glad that we have Dory!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Payson Parade

We are not usually parade goers unless one of the kids is in it, they are usually just so long and hot.  This year Bailey volunteered to hold a banner so we went to the Payson Parade this year.

We had to drop off Bailey before 9:00 so instead of going home and then coming back, we decided to find a place to sit for the next hour.  The kids had fun playing around, there was one business who decided not to be in the parade and was handing out calendars, candy and water to whoever came and visited him about a block off the parade route.  Then the kids started getting hungry for more than candy so Morgan and I walked down a few blocks to the gas station.  We got some gatorads and funyuns to snack on.  It made the kids happy until the parade started.

 The highway patrol would go up and down the street quite a few times, the parade was running behind so I think they were doing that so satisfy some people :)
 Then the parade finally started.  Bailey's cute friend Manae was holding the banner (she's the one in the pink shirt)

 Morgan and Owen both were able to give Cosmo a high five
 This guy cracked me up, it was for laser hair removal
 Finally Bailey showed up.  She was very focused.  We yelled her name and Morgan tried to give her a water and she kept looking straight ahead.  She may have been mildly embarrassed...

 There was lots and lots of candy thrown
 Reagan was excited to see Willy but wouldn't go give him a high five
 Trikes for adults, pretty cool
 Bruce and I both love the bagpipes, they were really good.  Reagan thought it was silly that boys were wearing skirts too :)

 There was a popcorn truck but they ran out of popped corn right before they made it to my kids.  They were a little disappointed.

The parade ended up with Mater.

It was a pretty good parade a little long but there was lots of treats to keep the kids satisfied.  It was a pain getting home, Bailey beat us home walking from the end of the parade route at McDonalds.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Payson Carni 2011

The kids have been begging all summer long to go to a Carnival but we made them wait until the Onion Days Carnival.  They all have the same rides anyway.
We got there super early on the family night because we knew it would be very busy the later it got.  The kids chose the Ferris wheel first because that line usually gets pretty long.  Morgan decided half-way through that the Ferris wheel was not for her.  She ended up crying most of the ride.

 Oakley and Reagan had been scoping out the choo-choo train while the older kids were on the Ferris wheel.  They had to wait for Owen so Oakley could ride in the middle.  

 The obstacle course is always a favorite.  The guy running it said that Bailey was too tall but she explained that Reagan needed help so the guy let her on. 

 Then to the "mmmm" ride.  Reagan *really* wanted to go on this ride, I wasn't sure but she was tall enough and Bailey said that she would sit right next to her so I let her go.  They all had so much fun on it!

 Then the good ol' Dragon ride.  It is always a favorite!

 The space shuttle "for Oakley"

 Silly kids, silly faces
 The amazing slide!!!

 I went on a few of the bigger rides with Bailey and Owen.  Morgan tried to get pictures of all of them but we were moving too fast :)
 While Owen and Bailey went on some of the bigger rides Reagan and Morgan went down the slide a few more times.
 Oakley had fun just watching all the action and pointing at all the things going on.

 At the very end, we ran into Alexis and Tanner, some of our neighbors and they wanted my kids to go on the dragon ride with them.  We had just enough tickets for them to ride.

The kids had a blast and I was sicker than a dog after going on a few rides.  I think we got our fix...until next year.