Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Baby Oakley

Today was our ultrasound
it was so exciting
Reagan has been so sure it was a girl
so we all thought it was a girl
except Owen
he really wanted a brother
Well the ultrasonographer kept us waiting for a long time
he was about 30 minutes behind
then he proceeded to check EVERYTHING
but the gender
which is good
I want to be sure to have a healthy baby
everything was in its place
Brain, check
Heart, check
Bladder, check
kidneys, check
stomach, check
spine, check
cord insertion, check
everything looked great
then he asked what my mothers intuition said
I looked up at the screen and I said
"Well now it says its a boy"
as we are looking at the boy part on the screen
Bailey let out a little squeal
The ultrasonographer said that he is very well endowed
um, duh

Monday, January 25, 2010

Christmas morning was so much fun!
Santa hides all the presents
but they are all unmarked
First the kids run around to collect the presents
then they have to open their stocking
to find out which wrapping paper is theirs
It is such a fun tradition!
I didn't get pictures of them hunting the presents
but I got some good ones of them opening them up!

Bruce even got surprised this year
He talked about wanting a GPS all summer
He says that it will make finding yard sales so much easier
well Santa was able to find a good deal on one for him

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Every Christmas Eve
we allow the kids to open one present from me and Bruce
(which is always new jammies)
they also exchange names
so they also get to open
the present their person gave them

This year Reagan gave to Bailey
she got chapstick and shower gels

Owen gave to Morgan
She got the same stuff as Bailey
just different smelling

Morgan gave to Owen
she got him some "Cars" cars
he already had Lightening so she got him some friends

And Bailey gave to Reagan
She got her a Glodoodle
which is so cool!

Morgan's school concert

For Christmas all the second graders put on a concert
they did it for a little girl who goes to the school
but is really sick with cancer right now
she has to be in the hospital for Christmas
The second graders thought that they could put on a concert for her
so she would know that they miss her
and that they are thinking of her
The concert turned out really good!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


This picture is proof
that even though Morgan drives Bailey crazy
and even though Morgan thinks Bailey is bossy
and they don't always get along
they still love each other very much.

Bailey's choir concert winter 2009

Bailey had her winter choir concert in December
We got there plenty early
because seats fill up fast
and we wanted to be sure to be on the front
so I took the younger three to run around in the
Bulldog Zone
before the concert started
to get the wiggles out
it worked and they sat very good through the whole thing

It hits me everytime I see her
how fast she is growing up
and how beautiful she is
They had so many fun Christmas songs
and some that make you remember what Christmas is really about
I was teary eyed in more than one song,
it turned out spectacular!

Much more snow

Well we got a little more than a skiff the second time around
we got dumped on!
I had Owen go into the middle of the yard so I could take a picture of how deep it was
It reached past his knee
and you know that there is snow underneath him too!
The older girls were at school
but Owen and Reagan sure had fun playing in the fresh powder!

Reagan loved helping Bruce shovel the sidewalks
while Owen was trying to find the worlds largest snowball!

They sure had fun
but now I think we are ready for spring...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

First snow

Our first taste of snow this season
It was a little more than a skiff
but the kids had fun anyways!

I don't know who taught Morgan and Owen
how to do snow angles
but they both did them on thier tummys
not just that but Owen was doing on right in the middle of the road!
Good thing we live on a street that is not busy at all!

The kids enjoyed the snow
but I am sure they will be ready for green grass soon!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


We had so much fun trick-or-treating!

We had a bit of a rough start. Bailey was having a pre-teen moment, so emotional! She was crying because I wouldn't let her wear the black shoes that matched her costume because they were 2 sizes to small. Instead I had her wear her white school shoes. mean mom. But as you will see, and what I tried to point out to Bailey, is none of the kids' shoes 'matched' their costume. She survived and even had fun despite her non-costume matching shoes. I am glad she doesn't have these moments very often!

Bailey as a Bumblebee
Thanks Cami for the idea and help!

Morgan was a rockstar
NOT Hannah Montana!

When you asked Owen what he was
he would start humming the theme to Indiana Jones
and whip around his arm as if he had a whip in his hand

And Reagan was a Witch
the cutest witch in the world might I add!

We came home with too much candy
tired feet (Bailey was glad she didn't wear the too small shoes)
and much too late!
Good thing it's only once a year!