Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Holy Cow I am terrible at this blog thing! I will try to be better! Anyways, while Kim was up a couple weeks ago we tried to do the "triplet" pictures. (some back story...since Kim, Rachel and I all had little girls less than 2 months apart we have nicknamed the three of them the triplets) Well these photo shoots have not worked out so well for the past year, Reagan has decided that she hates Kims camera, or maybe she hates being posed...either way she has ended up crying for the last year of pictures.
This time we wanted to do the girls in their swimming suits but the weather didn't want to cooperate so we were just going to nix the pictures since she will be up next month. Well then they started playing with some laffy taffy in this huge container and they were all so happy so even though they look like ragga muffins we snapped some pictures anyway.

I love this one of Reagan...just lounging eating candy...

Uh oh she realized what we were doing...
Thats the pouty face that we usually see in the triplet pictures!

Well then we moved them to the tramp and they loved that...

I had to post this picture, Elsie has a funny look on her face but its the only one where they are sitting up and Reagan is looking at the camera!

Don't you love their hair!!!

They are going to be such good friends growing up!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Morgan!!

Happy Birthday Morgan! After being "five and a half" for the last 10 months she is finally six! I don't know what we would have done with out Morgan in our family! She had a rough start but her spunk has certainly made up for it! She is a girl with a thousand faces. She has so much personality that it just exudes from her! She always keeps us on our toes and we are thankful for that!
Morgan at 5 days.

We are so blessed to have her in our family. She is very kind and thoughtful of her brother and sisters. I can't take her to the store because she wants to get everyone at home a surprise...and who can say no to kindness?? She is a good cleaner (once she gets her mind set on it). She will clean the whole house when she is in the mood! WE LOVE YOU, MUGS!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Bailey!

My Goodness how time flies! It seems like yesterday this picture was taken and now nine years later she has transformed into a beautiful young lady! We are so blessed to have her in our family.
She is so thoughtful and caring about everyone who is around her. She wants everyone to be happy. She worries about others and always puts everyone else first. She helps me out around the house so much and I ask so much of her that sometimes I have to be reminded that she is still a kid and she needs to play still before she is all grown up. Morgan and her decided that they wanted a trampoline more than anything else for their birthdays. The wanted a square tramp but they were all gone but they fell in love with this one. We got it about a week ago, because we didn't want it all sold out, they have jumped on it everyday since (not including the trip to Moab) I think that it was the perfect present!
Bruce and I talked about it and we decided that she deserved some little things so I took her to Wal-mart and let her spend $20. She picked out a Taylor Swift CD, a cute shirt and some jewlery. It definatly made her day! We are so thankful for Bailey and the happiness she brings to our family. We are blessed to have her a part of our lives! WE LOVE YOU BAY!!