Monday, January 28, 2013

Ozone at 7 months

Ozone sure has grown over the last few months!  He is almost full grown and is still such a cool pet!  I love that we can hold him and he won't try to get away.  I love that he will hold on to your shirt.  I also love that he is a low maintenance pet!  It's also fun to see him eat his crickets!

Crazy sleepers!

I love that my kids are crazy sleepers!  One night when I went to check on Morgan and Reagan I found them like this both sound asleep.  Most nights they are in weird positions but on their side of the bed but this night Morgan was pretty sprawled out! 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Getting lights on the house

About mid Novemeber Dad decided it was a good day to get lights on the house.  We needed to get it done before the snow came.  All of the kids were happy to climb up on the roof to help, even Oakley, which we didn't let him get up on the roof, only the ladder.  Morgan and Owen had no fear and got up and to work right away.  Bailey and Reagan were a little more timid but the longer they were up there the more comfortable they felt.  I'm glad that they were able to help and get the job done because with in a few weeks we had snow!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Really tired Owen

Owen must have been extra tired this night.  He usually is my first to be asleep but he was out before I could even put him to bed!  Luckily he will let me wake him up and he will go and lay down in bed.  Sometimes he will fall back down on the ground but usually he makes it the whole way.

Reagan's hair cut

Reagan's hair was getting long and scraggly so we decided it was time for a hair cut.  Cami came over and did a cute stacked bob for her and I love it!