Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Snow much fun!

The kids went out and played in the snow the other day. They really had a lot of fun and even though they were freezing they protested when I told them it was time to come in and eat!

Bailey enjoyed dumping a bunch of snow on Parkers head (He is a kid I babysit)
Morgan enjoyed trying to make snowballs
Owen enjoyed punching snow off of Bruce's truck

Much to my dismay Reagan enjoyed eating the fresh fallen snow

Snow shoveling fun!

This is definatly going to be a nice white Christmas! But unfortunatly with a white Christmas comes lots of shoveling. I think this was the 10th time Bruce had shoveled the driveway...that day. He is very OCD when it comes to having a clean driveway!
Lucky for him he has lots have willing helpers. While Morgan was nursing her frozen hands, Bailey and Owen gladly pitched in and helped their dad with the driveway!

We found these cute mini show shovels last year at Wal-mart and the kids always fight over who gets them! At least they are fighting to do work!

So cold!

Morgan decided to wear knit gloves instead of her nicer waterproof gloves. She said, "becuase they fit better" Well needless to say her hands got pretty cold after playing in the snow. She came up on the porch with me to try to warm them up.

Poor, cold hands...

She survived, once they warmed up enough she put on the heavier gloves and she was much happier the rest of the time outside!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My little snow angels

We have had so much snow in the last few days. The kids are loving it! They all wanted to do snow angels...some of the pictures aren't the best but I didn't have snow boots and I wan't willing to walk out to get at the right angle! My Bailey angel...she was the first to go...she acted like she was just doing it because she had to, but I know she really had fun!
My Morgan angel...she kept on going until she was almost buried under...look at how much is in between her legs!

My Owen angel...he has been dying all winter to do one of these!

And my baby Reagan angel. She really was having fun...she was just trying to get up while I was trying to snap this picture!

Owen's Christmas program

Owen had his school Christmas program the other day. He was really cute. He still won't show his haircut to anyone at school and insists on wearing this hat constantly when ever we go out! But you can see the ladies still like him!
It was really low key, they sang a few Christmas songs, here they are belting out "Jingle Bells"
After the songs were sung Santa showed up! Owen was so happy!
Morgan loved Santa too!
Reagan didn't want anything to do with Santa, she kept saying "I naughty" Silly girl!

I couldn't even get a picture of Bailey, so that's why she's not posted!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Bailey is finally old enough to do a science expirement for school. She was so excited, she couldn't decided on what to do, so many ideas going on in that head of hers. First she wanted to see how different household items would clean clothes but then she came across this one which teaches how air moves. You have one side with HOT water (red) and the other side with ICE COLD water (blue). They have to be very extreme or it doesn't work.

Bruce helped her drill holes in the bottles and then they attached the two bottles together with some tubing then clamped the tubing so the expirement wouldn't start until we were ready!

Bailey removed the clamps and we waited and waited...

Soon we could see the cold water moving across the bottom tubing. Then we saw the hot water moving across the top.Bruce was very excited about it!

It was fun to see the cold water moving into the hot water bottle and to see the hot water moving into the cold water bottle. I was suprised how much they stayed separated.It was really a fun expirement. We did try it a few times before we got it to work. She now has to recreate it for the science fair. I think that I will have Bailey do a poster for a display so just in case it doesn't work at least they can have some visual!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cutting with Scissors

Owen got some scissors from his preschool teacher the other day and he has been cutting non-stop ever since! He loves going through all of the toy ads and cutting out what he wants, then he will paste them on a piece of paper so then he can send it to Santa. The other day he came home from school with papers that I could cut out to make a game for him. He asked if he could cut them out so I let him, telling him that he needed to stay on the lines.

He consentrated really hard and did really well!

He did it all and was so proud of himself!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Holdaway family Christmas tree

There are only 9 more days until Christmas and I finally have the Christmas tree up and everything decorated! This month has just flown by! I copied my sister Kim and ripped fabric for the bows instead of having the premade bows this year...I really was happy with the outcome!

For our tree topper we have an angel with a star behind her...We have had her for many years but I do love her so we will probably have her for a while!

Now if I can get things wraped and a few things odds and ends, I will be ready and Christmas can come!

Monday, December 1, 2008

This little piggy...

Reagan LOVES us to play "This little piggy went to market". At any given moment she will sit down hold her foot high in the air and yell "Piggy Market!?!". When we indulge her and start playing she will squeal with delight!

The other day Reagan and Owen woke up early so I got them their milk and put a show on for them. I then went and laid back down in bed because daycare kids weren't being dropped off until 9 and I wanted a little bit more sleep.

About 20 minutes later I hear the pitter patter of little feet coming towards my room. Up on the bed come Reagan and Owen. They were playing on the bed while I tried to continue to sleep. Reagan yells "Piggy Market!?!" Owen says,"I'll do it" he continues, "This little piggy went to Wal-mart..."