Monday, January 5, 2009


I really can't believe that Christmas is come and gone already! We had a fun Christmas this year. Santa Clause gave the family a Wii with some games. The kids were so excited they have been wanting a Wii forever! I think that we have played it almost everyday...of course after chores are done!
Even thought Bailey found out about The Big Guy this year it didn't do anything to spoil her excitement! In fact she was so much more grateful and kept thanking us (I mean The Big Guy). She got a couple of board games, some books and a jewlery box that looks like a picture frame but then opens up to store jewlery.

I wish that I had a tenth of Morgans energy! She was going at lightning speed to open all of the presents. She got some littlest pet shops, books, and a smaller jewlery box like Bailey's.

Owen was excited too. He did not like posing for the camera so his pictures aren't the best! He got Lincoln Logs, Star Wars guys, some DS games, some books and some Transformers.

Reagan started out a little onery but soon got in on the excitement! She got a baby that came with a stroller, crib, and a swing/carseat, some books and a bag of stuff for her new baby.

We all had a great Christmas. It comes and goes too quickly, we look forward to it all year long and it is gone in a heartbeat! I hope everyone had as great of a Christmas as we did!

Chirstmas Eve

Every year on Christmas eve the kids always open two presents. One is always jammies from mom and dad.

The other gift is the "person" gift. The kids all draw names and give something to the person they drew.

Bailey got a SugarLand CD from Reagan.

Morgan got Peek-a-boo barbies from Bailey.

Owen got Planet Heroes from Morgan.

Reagan got a little baby that has snap on clothing from Owen.

They always have fun buying for eachother, its really cute to see how excited they get when someone opens the present they worked so hard to buy!