Wednesday, September 29, 2010

best job ever

I love this picture and I don't even know why.  Maybe it becuase I had just nursed Oakley and he was getting ready for a nap.  Maybe it's because all the kids always play so nicely together.  Maybe it's because it makes me realize that I really have the best job ever.  I love that I can stay home with my kids and I love the kids that I get to watch during the day, Bruce calls them our second kids.  I really love my life!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Owen loves Oakley.  He is excited for when Oaks can play with him but for right now he is happy just holding him, taking a bath with him or even reading a book to him. 
This week the book fair is at the kids' school and today was dad's and donuts.  Bruce took everyone except Oaks of course and got them all a book.  It's fun for Bruce to take them because he always lets them pick out what ever book they want, when ever I am with them I try to steer them towards books that not only will they like now but hopefully in the future...
That being said Owen got a 'Club Penguin' book.  Not my choice but Owen has been loving it and sounding out a lot of the words in it, so I am glad he got it.
 Owes wanted to me to take a picture of him reading to Oaks, I hope they always have a good bond between them.  Owen sure does try hard to be a big brother, sometimes it's hard but he tries.

Oakley's new trick

Lately when Oakley is hungry or if I just fed him he will suck his bottom lip.  It is so cute and it makes us laugh!  Well today I was trying to get a picture of it before I fed him...
 I got some bubbles...
 Here is comes....
 Oh, no I waited too long, he was getting pretty mad at me!
After I fed him he started doing it again, I swear he is going to give himself a hicky!

New hat

The other day while I was at Wal-mart I came across this adorable hat for Oakley.  I put it on him and he looked so cute I just had to have it!  He didn't even mind wearing it but when I finally took it off he was sweating...I guess it's still a little warm for hats...

Friday, September 24, 2010

Getting bigger

I didn't plan on feeding Oakley rice cereal at three and a half months. 

He has been having coughing spells for about three weeks now.  He had a little cold three weeks ago and has just had a cough ever since.  The cough has been getting worse to the point that he is throwing up when he coughs, so I decided that it was time to take him in to the doctor.  I was worried about asthma since Morgan and Owen both have asthma.  But his lungs sounded great.  The doctor asked me about his coughing spells and he told me that Oakley has silent reflux.  Great.  He isn't a spitty baby but enough comes up that it irritates his throat and that is what is causing his coughing spells, especially at night.

Neither me or the doctor wants to put him on medication so he suggested to start him on rice cereal.  It will help thicken the milk in his tummy so the milk can stay in there easier.  He told me to put it in a bottle with formula, well he doesn't take a bottle, I breastfeed him exclusively so he said to try feeding it to him with a spoon.  He said that Oaks will let us know by his reaction if he is ready for it or not.  If he pushes it out with his tongue he isn't ready if he gulps it down he is ready. 

Well Oakley did something in between.  He loved it and was super excited about it but it didn't stay in his mouth very good and ended up getting all over.  But I guess enough got in him because he only had one coughing spell all night!  I tried it again this morning, he did about the same as he did last night.  I guess he has reached another mile stone...makes me sad... 

Oh, yea, they weighed him at the doctors and with all his clothes on and a full diaper he weighed 17 lbs 1 oz...I am interested to find out in a few weeks how much he weighs naked

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Reagan's first day of Preschool

On September 20th Reagan started Preschool.  I almost forgot to take some pictures of her before she left.  She looked so old, I can't believe that she's in preschool.
Bruce was able to go with her the first day which made Reagan a little more comfortable. She has always been a homebody she even has a hard time going over to a neighbors house to play. I think that preschool will be good for her so she can widen her social horizon.

The second day she went she was super excited and jumped out of the car telling Bruce good-bye. But during the second day she was realizing how long it was and started getting homesick. She cried a little bit.

Today was the third day and she cried the entire way to school. The teacher had to take her from my arms. As I climbed in our suburban I could still hear her screaming. I went and paid the city bill and then called the school to make sure she was okay before I drove all the way home. I called and she was just fine, sitting quietly for circle time. When she came home from school she was happy and told me that she wasn't going to cry anymore...I sure hope so, today was horrible and made me sad

Free child labor

I was nursing Oakley and Reagan came up to me asking if her, Kaylee and Natonya could wash walls. I told them that they could so when I got done with Oaks I gave them all a wet washcloth and they went to work. They were so cute and just giggled the whole time. They washed for about five minutes then Reagan announced that the walls were "all clean" and that they were done. I just love these girls they are always so silly and goofy with eachother. I love my job!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

First toy

A few days ago Bruce brought up this toy from down stairs. Oakley has been kicking like crazy lately so Bruce knew that Oaks would just love this toy. Well he was right, even though I don't think Oaks knows that he is the one making everything move and music play. He gets so surprised when it happens and gives great big smiles. He can only handle about five minutes of laying there and then he gets to over stimulated and he starts to get fussy.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sleeping kids

So the other night I was doing stuff on the computer when I heard a crash. I didn't hear any crying or yelling so I just let it go. Well I was on my way to bed and I was doing my nightly check on them all when I saw Reagan like this...
She had fallen out of her bed, hit her head on the little bench knocking over the purple baskets with her mermaids on it and just kept on sleeping! I took some pictures and then put her back in her bed. Then I had to take some pictures of Oakley sleeping in his crib. He is doing so good usually sleeping from 8:30 or 9:00 until 5 or 5:30, nursing, then going back to sleep until 8ish. I am glad that when he does wake up in the middle of the night that his cries don't wake up Owen or Reagan, who sleep in the same room. He has had a cough that has woken him up around 2ish some nights but I know he can last so I stick in the binky and he goes back to sleep until 5ish.

Barnett School Carnival

On September 10th we went to the Barnett school carnival. There was lots of stuff to do. We decided to hit the rock wall first before all the lines got long. Bailey, Morgan and Owen all tried it. Morgan and Owen made it to the top. Bailey was almost there but she was on the hardest side and there was a pretty big ledge that she couldn't get past.

After the rock wall Owen begged to do the sand dig, his teacher, Mrs. Comte was in charge of it so he had to go there!
Then Owen and Morgan did the "half pipe" which was a big blow up thing. I don't know what went inside of it but they had a blast!

Then Owen and Reagan went in a big blow up caterpillar, it looked like a mini obstacle course. Reagan freaked out and Morgan ended up having to go in and carry her to the end where they were "pooped" out of the caterpillars rear end...

Then all of the kids, except Oakley rode on the choo-choo train.
After the train Bailey found Manae and turned into a total girl screaming and everything! They ran off together and did what ever girls their age do!

Reagan and Owen played some games...

We got lots of yummy treats...

Oaks ate his blanket...But don't worry, Oakley didn't spend the whole time in his stroller, sweet Jodi came and cuddled Oakley for most of the evening. He loved her!
Owen and Reagan got their faces panted. Reagan got Dora with a tan :)

Owen got a dragon breathing fire

We had just enough ticket for the kids to all play one last game. Nobody won the big prize, but I am okay with that, we have enough "stuff" around our house!