Thursday, October 28, 2010

Triplets fall 2010

I almost forgot this sweet picture.  When Kim was in town we also did an impromptu 'triplet' picture.
(for those of you who don't know, the 'tiplets' are all born within two months of eachother) 
The girls really didn't match but Abi and Elsie were both wearing almost the same color of green and then Kim had a white sweater for Reagan to wear.  I think it turned out pretty good, boy have they come a long way check this out.  Kim has more here and here, I can't find them on my blog for some reason...


Oakley has discovered his feet, which makes it real handy during diaper changes!  I just love watching his chubby little hands grab for his feet and toys.  Can't I just bottle him up and save him forever?

 Oakley also has discovered his first love.  Hayzlee.  She is a baby I watch, she's four months older than him but they get so excited when they see eachother, it's really so cute!

Pumpkin Patch

We finally made our trip to the Pumpkin patch.  We had sick kids on the day we planned so we postponed it a few days.  We usually go to The Big Red Barn because the kids love the tractor ride.  But apparently they only do the tractor rides on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays and we were going on a Tuesday...  So we decided to check out Jaker's, my cousin Cami and her hubby Clint went along for the ride.  It was okay, it was right next to a busy road and there were houses all around... I like going some place more private but the kids didn't seem to mind.  They did have a tractor ride but it wasn't as fun as The Big Red Barns'.  They also had giant straw stacks that the kids loved climbing on.

 Oakley was not a fan of the tractor.  He tried to be brave and not cry but he was pretty scared!  After some cuddles from dad he was alright...
 There were plenty of pumpkins to pick from. I just had one rule: they could have any pumpkin they wanted they just had to carry it. The kids took me literally and found the biggest pumpkin they could carry...

We had fun but I think that next year we will go to back to The Big Red Barn...

Friday, October 22, 2010

Bean Boozled

Ever since my sister April told us about Bean Boozled candy by Jelly Belly I have been on the hunt for them!  I have searched everywhere and I haven't had any luck.  The other day I was at Payson Market looking for a 'bribe' treat for Reagan going to school with out crying and something caught my eye, it was bean boozled candy!!!  I was so excited, I grabbed the two packs they had and took them home to the kids to try out!

They were excited but hesitant to try them out.  They had a lot of fun, some were yummy and others were disgusting...
Here are the flavors:
•Skunk Spray/Licorice
•Pencil Shavings/Top Banana
•Moldy Cheese/Caramel Corn
•Baby Wipes/Coconut
•ToothpasteBerry Blue
•Rotten Egg/Buttered Popcorn
•Ear Wax/Cafe Latte
•Booger/Juicy Pear
•Black Pepper/Plum
I only was brave enough to try black pepper/plum, Baby wipes/coconut and pencil shavings/top banana.  I LOVED the black pepper, the baby wipes wasn't that bad it just tasted like I had sucked on a baby wipe and I didn't get a pencil shavings. 
I don't know how Jelly Belly does it but they are always right on target with the flavors!

Crazy hair day

This week is Spirit week at school and today was crazy hair day.  The girls had a lot of fun with it.  For Bailey I put a cup on top of her head and pulled her hair around it.  Then I ratted her hair in the back.  It turned out pretty crazy!

 For Morgan She wanted to do one side normal and the other side ratted.  It turned out pretty crazy too!

 I slicked Owen's hair but he wouldn't go to school with it that way.  He said it made him look dumb!  Silly boy!  But I still had to take a picture of it all slicked down!
The girls weren't very fond of their decision to rat thier hair after school when I was trying to brush it out...

Monday, October 18, 2010

Kids pictures 2010

Kim came down for a quick weekend trip so I asked her to take some pictures of my kids.  I was holding my breath hoping that all the kids would feel better to get them done, that morning I was wondering if they would all be okay but by the afternoon everyone was good and happy!
Kim always does such a wonderful job.