Saturday, November 3, 2007

I've been tagged

Well I have been tagged so I need to think of 6 things about me, so here it goes....

1. I have four wonderful children. Bailey, Morgan, Owen and Reagan. I am so thankful for them!

2. I have a wonderful husband, who is the best father in the world! We've been married almost 10 years and we'll be married for 100 more! He is perfect for me!

3. We have spent the last year of our lives building a house. It has been the hardest year but also the most rewarding year of our lives...we should be done in just a few weeks and the kids are so ready for us to be able to spend more time with them!

4. I have a babysitting buisness. Currently I only watch 2 kids, but once we move I will try to get more. :)

5. I am trying to loose weight, I need to loose about 60+ pounds, and I have lost 12 pounds so far. I have been doing the Weight Watchers program, and I love it!!

6. I love to cook but HATE to clean up the mess afterwards. I excited to move to our house where I will have a dishwasher so that will help with the dishes part of cleaning up!!

I know not very exciting but thats the way it goes :)

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Fairy Reagan

I was bored waiting for the kids to come home from the town trick or treat so I was taking some pictures of Reagan walking around, sadly my lovely camera was on the wrong setting so some of them turned out blurry...:(
Picking flowers

Run away!!!

Sword fights

Owen didnt know this kid for more than 5 seconds before they were sword fighting!

he can even fight with both eyes shut!


Bailey (a punk)
Yea shes 8 going on 18!!!! YIKES!!

Morgan (a sweet princess)

Shes really into the headtilting thing right now!

Owen (the blue TMNT)

He didnt want to pose so this is all I got!

Reagan (a fairy)

She didn't like those wings at all, they made her back heavy so she couldn't walk very well!

All the kids, as you can see Owen did not want his picure taken, he would rather sword fight!