Saturday, May 29, 2010


I am all caught up
the next post you see will be of the new little guy
we are so excited
every morning Owen wakes up with the new count down
in fact the other night he had a nightmare
he climbed into bed with us
and said,
"Yea, Owen"
"Five more days, mom."
seconds later he was snoring.
He can't wait to meet his brother tomorrow
and neither can the rest of the family!


The last two days Bruce has taken the younger kids fishing
it's been nice
they get to spend time with Bruce
and get some nice fresh air
while Bailey and I stay home and clean
(I mostly blogged today)
Bruce's brother got some new scent stuff
it's supposed to catch fish really good
they tried it
and with in seconds they had their first fish!
They aren't huge
but the kids have so much fun fishing they don't care about size
Owen says that he's the "fishing machine"
silly boy!
I guess if you catch fish with this scent
then take a picture with the fish and scent
that they will send you bottle of it for free
so they all took turns posing
I even got a picture of Bruce
which is very rare

Motorcycle fun

Yesterday our neighbor was riding on his motorcycle
Owen was so excited
he wanted to ask for a ride
we gave him permission
and off he marched to the neighbors house to ask for a ride
he was loading it up for a weekend trip
but he said he would give him a short ride
oh, man, was Owen ever in heaven!

Reagan even wanted a ride
I really thought that she would back out at the last minute
but she didn't
she had so much fun too!

Reagan and her bike

Last year we got Reagan this bike for her birthday
she didn't touch it
she couldn't get the pedals to go for her
but this year
it's a whole different story
I can't get her off the thing!
and she goes so fast
she freaks me out sometimes
that girl has no fear on her bike


I just love Morgan's freckles!
they match her personality so much
high energy
fun loving
I just love this girl!

Washing the jeep

Owen decided that his jeep was getting too dirty
so he and Reagan grabbed some wash clothes
and wiped it down
I wonder if he will be this good when he has his own real car

I can't remember why Reagan was crying
Owen probably looked at her wrong
man, she lets him get to her!

Salem Pond #2

After a while of playing on the playground
the kids wanted to go down to the dock
they saw something interesting in the water
they worked really hard to get it over to the edge
they used reeds
and short little sticks
anything they could find
finally they got it to where they could reach it...

It ended up being a stick
they were very disappointed
they threw it back in the water
before I could even take a picture of it
they sure did have fun

Salem Pond

My sister was in town from Idaho
she needed to take pictures of another sister for her engagement
the kids wanted to go
so I went to watch the kids
While I was taking pictures
a random, stupid lady came up to me and said
"just as long as you don't take pictures of our kids"
um, no lady why would I want to take pictures of your dumb kids
when I have perfectly good children to take pictures of
then she lets me know
"You can get sued for taking pictures of other peoples kids"
um, ok
Other than that lady we had fun
the kids ran
played on the slide
and on the monkey bars

Owen looses his 4th tooth

A few weeks ago
Owen was wrestling with his uncle
well Owen jumped on his back
and hit his mouth on his uncles head
his tooth was loose
but we figured it would be months before it came out
well he wiggled and wiggled that tooth
until it was loose enough for Bruce to pull out
he was so proud
It makes me giggle to watch him talk
he looks like a little hillbilly

Chewie La Casita

My cute nephew was having some health problems
so bad that he needed to be admitted to the hospital
after we went to the ReAL game
we stopped by the hospital to visit him
I loved that his big brother
climbed up on to the hospital bed to be next to him
it was heartwarming to see
just a few months ago
the older brother was the one in the hospital bed

My sweet Bailey
she is the same age as the one who was sick
I can't imagine Bailey in that situation
life can change so quickly
All the rug rats in a chair
when did they all grow up?

ReAL Salt Lake game

We had an opportunity to go and watch a ReAL game
not only watch
but Bruce's brother has a suite
so we got pampered

It was a great game
and they scored three points
so we got a card for
a free breakfast sandwich at Burger King.
Unfortunatly his brother who set it all up
couldn't go
his son was in the hospital with some health problems
his son is doing much better now

Owen's bike trailer

While riding bikes one day
Owen found a piece of metal
he hooked one end into one of his pegs
and called it his bike trailer
He rode around with that thing on all morning
it was so loud
we finally made him take it off

He was pretty darn proud of his find!