Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Spanish Fork splash pad

We love the Spanish Fork splash pad!  We usually don't go over to the play ground area but the splash pad part was super busy so we decided to go over there while we waited for it to calm down a bit.  The kids all had a lot of fun!

 I think Owen stayed the entire time on this toy.  He would climb up one side and scale down the other.

 I think this picture of Reagan is the epitome of summer
 Morgan and Reagan LOVED this swirly seat

 We finally headed over to the splash pad.  The 'three middles' ran right in.  Oakley wasn't quite sure of it though.

 Owen and Morgan carried him through a few times.

 Owen doing the HHH

 Bailey wasn't in the mood to get wet, she was just happy to sit and soak up the sun.
 Owen kept trying to get Oakley in, Oakley wanted nothing to do with the crazy water

 Finally he went with Morgan and had so much fun, maybe next year he will go on his own.

 Soon everyone was done and they tried to get dry and warm

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

If you mustache

Reagan had to go to the dentist to get sealants on her six year molars.  When she was done they let her pick out a prize, it made me laugh to see that she had picked out the mustache!  I love this girl!  She makes me laugh every day!

Morgan's 10th Birthday

I can't believe that it has been 10 years since this miracle baby has entered our lives!  She has been a ball of spunk since day one and I love it!  She brings our family to life!  She desperately needed (wanted) a bike so that it just what she got.  I let her look at bikes a few weeks before her birthday so I could see what kind she was interested in and she gravitated towards the beach bike just like Bailey's style.  Later on Bailey and I went and got the one that we felt matched her personality the best.  She loved it!

I just love this girl so much!  I feel like she gets in trouble a lot but I think it just because she is so full of life that she can't help but do cartwheels around the house or jump around.  We are so blessed to have her in our family!

Family Reunion 2012

The Family Reunion happened early this year.  Most of the activities landed right on Morgan's birthday!  It was fun to celebrate with everyone.  We got our annual family picture taken.  Kim always does an awesome job.

Bailey's 13th Birthday!

This year Girls Camp landed right on Bailey's birthday.  She was bummed.  She thought that her birthday would go unnoticed at camp.  Boy was she wrong!  They sang to her about 3 or 4 times and at least one of those times was with the entire stake!  As soon as all the babysitting kids got picked up we got a cake from Payson Market and headed up to Koholowo to surprise her.  She was defiantly surprised!  
Once she got home and showered, she was excited to open her presents.  She got a new bed set which was exactly what she wanted.  

Dad and I have been so blessed to raise such a wonderful daughter!  She is such an awesome helper around the house and is a peacemaker in our family!  I look forward to entering the teenage years with her!