Friday, March 30, 2012

Boys and hats

Oakley is getting old enough that he thinks that Owen is just about the coolest person in the world.  (Dad is number one and I rank about 4th for him Ü)
Oakley has been loving to wear some of Owen's many hats.  His favorite by far is the camo fishing hat.  I think that he looks darling in it too.

Owen and Morgan decided to pose for a few.  Such gangsta kids, love them!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Throwing kids

I don't even remember how this started.  Dad and Austin decided to start throwing Oakley across the room to each other.  Oakley would totally freak out during the throwing but then as soon as it was over he wanted to do it again, maybe he's an adrenaline junkie...
I decided to start taking pictures and then all the other kids wanted in on the action!  They got progressively harder because they got progressively heavier!  When they got to Morgan it was a bit of a challenge but they still were able to throw her.
We love it when Austin comes over!

Bailey's orchestra concert

Bailey had her orchestra concert right before the winter break.  She has a really good teacher this year, he knows how to teach kids.  Last year, the teacher could play instruments really well but she had a hard time teaching the kids how to play them!  
The whole orchestra sounded really good.  I am very proud of Bailey and how hard she works at everything she does.

Morgan's winter choir concert

Morgan joined choir again this year.  She really has enjoyed it.  They always learn a bunch of fun songs and you can tell the all the kids have a good time.  Plus we LOVE the choir director!
I was at a bad angle to take pictures of Morgan while they were singing but I did take pictures before.  Morgan did make some funny faces at me, I just love that girl, so full of spunk and life!  
Oh and she got glasses!  Bailey, her and Owen all needed glasses!  They fit her perfectly!