Monday, January 31, 2011

Oakley at seven months

Oakley turned seven months on December 30th.  We love this little boy so much!  I can't imagine life with out him, I love all his little expressions and I love his sweet personality that is starting to emerge!  Here are a few fun facts about this adorable seven month old
*He LOVES mommy so much (my favorite part)
*He will smile at everyone but if anyone tries to take him from mom, watch out!
*He still has the best toothless smile and is starting to squint his eyes sometimes.
*He has no sign of a tooth at all, which I am just fine with!
*He love to try to feed himself cereal, he can pick it up so good in his hand but then from hand to mouth he can't quite figure out how to let go of the cereal!
*He loves XBOX paddles and will do anything in his power to grab one
*He also loves phones and he knows a real phone to a fake one any day!
*He can almost get from the sitting position to the crawling position he just always has one leg stuck underneath him.
*He still isn't rolling but he is almost there...
*He still isn't sleeping the greatest but will do one 6 hr stretch and one 4 hr stretch
*He has to be cuddled to get to sleep.  I know I ruined him but he is my last so I want to cuddle him all I can!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Triplets Thanksgiving 2010

I came across this picture and realized that I never posted it!  Kim took it when she was down for Thanksgiving!  The girls are finally so happy to get their picture taken!

Good Job

You know Santa did a good job when you catch them sleeping with one of their gifts.  When I made my nightly rounds Christmas night I found Owen cuddled up to his DSi!

Christmans Day

The kids always ask Santa if he can hide the presents.  Once everyone is awake the kids go straight to their stocking to find out which one is their wrapping paper.  As soon as they find out they are on the hunt!  It's so fun to see them running around looking for their presents and the older ones helping the little ones find theirs!

 Oakley just laid back while all his presents were collected...
When they couldn't find anymore then we sat down to start opening them, everyone had a similar shaped box so I suggested that they all start by opening that all together, they were all DSi's.  Everyone was so excited and happy!  I LOVED all of the reactions I got!

 The aftermath...They all were happy with what they where to put it all!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Christmas Eve

Every Christmas Eve the kids get to open two presents.  One is always new jammies and the other is a present from a sibling (they all draw names and give a present to each other)  I always am happy to see a good expression that tells me I did good!  The kids did not disappoint! 

They all were happy and excited with their new things.  It's fun to see a taste of what is to come in the morning!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Best snow on earth!

On December 21 we woke up to 18 inches of fresh fallen snow on top of the previously fallen 6-8 inches.  In the first time that I have ever known (or at least remembered) school was cancelled because of the snow. 
The kids had so much fun helping Bruce shovel and Bruce appreciated the extra hands helping, it was a lot of snow!  I was happy to know that we would be getting a white Christmas but sad because I knew that it would probably be sticking around for quite a while...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gingerbread houses

About a week before Christmas we decided to make gingerbread houses.  We just used graham crackers but it worked perfectly.  I made some thick icing that held so good that I even used it to hold Reagan and Morgan's houses together (they wanted to eat the whole thing)  The kids had so much fun and got sugared out.  I think we will have to add this to our list of traditions!

 Bailey's house
 Morgan's house
 Owen's house
 Reagan's house
 And my house that I shared with Oakley