Saturday, February 6, 2010

Utah Flash

Last night Bailey was given the opportunity
to sing at the Utah Flash game with the school choir
She was very nervous
but it turned out wonderfully!
Before the game Bailey was backstage practicing
and we were in the seats waiting
so I took a few pictures
I guess that I haven't been taking pictures lately
Reagan was so funny
she would do different poses
and say "take a picture of this mommy"

"Take a picture of me drinking, mommy"

"Take a picture of me dancing, mommy"

"Take a picture of my finger, mommy"
My goal is to take more pictures
Finally the game was getting ready to start
the choir came out and got in their places
It was hard to get a picture of Bay
she was by the girl in the red striped shirt
and the girl with a blue shirt
Try to find her!
The choir sang "God bless America"
at first they were really quiet
but by the end they sounded wonderful!

After they sang the Flash dancers were lining up all the kids
Bailey looked really worried and confused
but they were just lining them up so when the players came out
they could give the players five!
It was pretty exciting!

It was a fun game
Both teams were agressive
so it made it fun to watch
We ended up loosing
but it was still fun

Monday, February 1, 2010

New name?

Reagan is so funny
she loves to make people laugh
but she hates the attention put on to her
strange, I know
She always says the funniest things
that catch you off gaurd
This morning she came up and kissed my belly
she said she kissed the baby's heart
and that means she loves the baby
I asked her if it was a brother or a sister
(wondering if she would still insist on a sister)
she replied that it was a brother
then I challenged her furter by asking her want the baby's name it
she thought for a minute and said
"Um, Transformer?"
I need to be better about writing all the funny things my kids say down
I forget them so quickly
and it makes me sad!