Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What Reagan eats...

Not a whole lot...her new phrase is,"I not like it" hmmm...Well she does eat 'lul-lul' (cereal), 'coo-ruts' (carrots), and 'loodles' (noodles), I hope this is just a phase and she starts eating better soon! But for now I got some super cute pictures of her eating cereal...

Apparently the cheerios were hot, so she had to blow them!

Good stuff!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Halloween fun

I am finally posting Halloween pictures! I think that something is wrong with my computer, it keeps wanting to shut me down...
Anyways! Here are pictures from Halloween, it was a crazy, fun day! First we went to Bailey and Morgan's Halloween parade at their school, so Bruce and I go with 5 kids all under the age of 4...yeah we are crazy! We all had fun watching everyone parade around the lunch room!
Bruce then went home with the daycare kids, he kindly offered to stay home to watch the daycare kids and hand out candy so we could get going.
I took our kids to Springville to go to the town Trick or Treat with my sisters, I think Springville had it a little more organized this year but it was still really crazy!
Then we went to my parents ward trunk or treat, there were tons of people there, so they got quite the haul! After that we went to visit Hal Wing to get a giant candy bar and this year he was giving all kids 6 and under $2 bills! Then we were off to my cousin Cami's annual Halloween party!
Reagan and Morgan making funny faces on the way to the party...
Morgan was a cheerleader and Reagan was a flower

Bailey and Owen making their funny faces...(doesn't it look like Bay doesn't have any teeth?)
Bailey was a goth sorcerous and Owen was Hulk

Bailey at the party, we sprayed her hair black but most of it had rubbed off on her face, hands and neck. So she really doesn't have a black eye!

Morgan being the cutest cheerleader!

Reagan having so much fun!

Morgan with my little sis Ariel who was retro Barbie
Owen decided to fight people at the party...
Hulk v. Raggedy Andy (My brother Andy)

Hulk v. Lumber Jack (my cousin Jeremy)

Hulk won!!!

My cousin Cami and her hubby Clint. Thanks Cami for the fun party!