Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sick Oakley

One night I was out to dinner with my friends.  Dad text me letting me know that Oakley was throwing up.  I didn't drive so I couldn't rush home, I hated not being there when he was sick.  By the time I got home Bailey and Oakley were sound asleep in my bed.  I am really so thankful for Bailey, she is amazing!

Ozone and Dory

I cannot get over how much Dory loves Ozone.  She will sit and just watch him all day long.  If he moves, Dory goes crazy!  I still can't figure out if she thinks of him as a friend or food.  I don't ever want to find out!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Undies and Cowboy boots

I just love this boy!  He is so determined to do what he wants and won't let the issue go until he does what he feels like needed to do.  He has been wanting to wear undies, but has accidents soon after they are put on, but I don't want to deter him from wanting to wear them so I let him.

Well one day I found him in the front yard wearing nothing but undies and his cowboy boots!  I tried to make him come inside but he just threw a fit.  I thought about why I was making him come inside and decided that it wasn't that big of a deal to let him run around in the front yard for a little bit.

He had a fun time and actually stayed dry for quite a long time.  I still don't think he is ready to be potty trained though.

Oakley's Mohawk

Oakley's hair was getting long and it was time for a haircut.  Jokingly, Dad suggested that we do a mohawk, thinking that I wouldn't go for it but I did, I figured that I would be shaving it all of anyway so let him have an extreme hairstyle for a little bit.  It was probably just his age but he seemed to develop a bit of an attitude after his new hair cut...


Reagan had just finished her science in our home school when I went to the store and happened upon a butterfly kit.  I thought that it would be perfect so extend out our science.  First we had to send off for the caterpillars, which came with all they needed until they turned into chrysalises (which took about a week) and at that point we took out the paper that they had formed the chrysalises on and pinned it on the cage that we bought.  It took another week and the butterflies started emerging.  It was really neat to watch, there was only one that we actually saw crawl out of it's chrysalis.  I tried to put oranges on the bottom of the cage but they didn't seem interested so we decided to let them go.  It was really fun to see them take off.  Some would go high and be gone.  Others stayed around for a while. 

I had never seen a butterfly that close before but the inside of the wings looked like fine hairs, I don't know if it's because they were new and those hairs get rubbed off or lost or if they always have them...

It was an amazing experience and I think maybe we will do this every spring!