Thursday, July 23, 2009

Slip n' slidin'

On Monday night
my friend
Emilee invited us over to Peteetneet
to slip and slide
it was so much fun
for two hours the kids would slide down the hill
then run up
to slide down again

Running back up to the top
it doesn't look that steep
but it was
and I only went up once when we went to leave

they had so much fun
they keep on asking when we can go again
thanks, Emilee, so much for inviting us!
We owe you big time!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

What I do all day

About eight years ago
money started getting tight
when Bruce got some health problems.
We talked about me going to work
and just the thought of it made me sick
someone suggested to me that I could babysit kids
I love kids
and I wanted to stay home
we found our perfect solution
Honestly I love my job
it is crazy
and I am glad when the day is over
but I could not have asked for a better job
not only do I get to stay at home
but I get to watch some pretty great kids
Bruce and I always comment
how much we like all the kids
AND the parents.

Like I said
we love all these kids so much!
I am honored to be the one
that parents trust with their precious kids

Silly Reagan

I make it a habit to check on all the kids
before I go to bed at night
my dad used to do it
it always made me feel safe knowing
that I was going to be checked on
now that I am the parent
I can not go to sleep with out knowing
that all my kids are
in bed,
once I know that they are sleeping like angels
then I can sleep

The other night
when I was making my 'rounds'
I found Reagan like this
it reminded me of a baby in the newborn intensive unit
under the biliruben lights
with the special glasses
she was just to cute not to take a few pictures!
I love that she will lay in bed and look at books
she loves books more than any of my other kids have
I also love that she arranged all of her ponies on her headboard

Sleep tight sweet Reagan

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Owens first missing tooth

Owen has been wanting to loose a tooth
for forever!
We always told him
"Wait until you are five then you can loose one."
Well he's five
and he lost one!
We were eating popcorn for a snack
he bit one with his front teeth
he said it hurt
when I looked it was bleeding
and bent forward
well I pushed it back
felt a 'pop'
and was able to lift it right out!
He is the first kid that I have pulled out a tooth
tried with the girls
but just couldn't!
He is so proud of his new smile
he loves to show everyone,
the casher at the supermarket,
the clerk at the bank,
the lady at the drive up window,
Man I love this boy!

Morgan and Owen

These two are either
best of friends
worst of enemys
I know that they love eachother
they are just too alike to get along all the time!

Owen turns 5!

Well Owen is officially five years old
for some reason five is such a magical age
I think that it is when you finally get the concept of birthdays
We have known for a long time that we wanted to get Owen a new bike
his knees were almost hitting the handle bars of his little one
we wanted to get him the biggest possible bike
that was still safe for him
and of course it had to look cool
we found this one
I left the training wheels on
because it didn't have a kickstand
he was pretty surprised to see it on the counter when he woke up

You know you did good when you get facial expressions like these!
He had to get on right away and test out the new wheels

And of course a transformer cake
Happy birthday buddy!

we are so happy that you are in our family
you are such a good big brother
you take care of your sisters
when they are hurt or sad
but you also can rough them up pretty good!

Shhh...don't tell him I am posting this six days after his birthday