Friday, August 30, 2013

Morgan's swimming lessons 2013

The next one up was Morgan.  She repeated the same class as last year for the same reason.  We really need to get to the pool more but by the babysitting kids get picked up at 6:00, it's time to eat dinner and then get ready for bed!  I probably should have signed her up for swim team she out swam all of the kids in her class and her and her teacher would go under water and talk to each other while they waited for the rest of the class to catch up.      

I wish I could have gotten more pictures of her but I had to leave half way to go to the mom and me class with Oakley

Reagan's swimming lessons 2013

I totally lost track of time when it came time to sign up for swimming lessons this year!  I was glad that I found a session that I was able to get all of the kids in close to the same times.  I didn't want to be waiting around all day sitting by the pool.  Okay, maybe that wouldn't have been that bad if I didn't have other kids that I had to babysit but I do so I needed to get in and out of the pool in as little of time as possible.  
Reagan was the first one up.  Abi was in the same class as her so it was twice as fun!  I had Reagan repeat the same class she was in last year, even though she passed last year, just because we have been really bad at going swimming so she hasn't been able to practice.  
She sailed through her class with out any problems but it was nice for her to have a review.

Doing some bobs

Relaxing in the sun after her lessons