Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Owen's first day of Kindergarten

Owen started Kindergarten today. He was so excited, he just wanted to run to school and ditch me. Such a difference from my girls, I don't know if it's because we waited a year before starting him so he is older and just ready or if it's just his personality. He had a fun day but he did say that they didn't do anything in class and that recess was short. I told him that it was just the first day and that they would be learning lots of stuff!

With some of the other Kindergarteners from our neighborhood.
Him and Mrs. Comte
We love her!

Oakley at three months

Look who is three months old! I can't believe it! He is so much fun, he is starting to laugh, smiles all the time, can track me from across the room, stops crying the instant I hold him, holds his head up like a champ, is starting to like tummy time, and sleeps 6-8 hours a night. I love his pouty lips, they are so kissable! His only fault is he gets a little fussy when other people hold him but he is starting to like dad pretty good now!
We just love this little man!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Seven clips

Reagan was so proud of herself the other day. "Mom, I did my hair!" she calls to me. Great, I thought, I already did her hair, what did she do to it? She walks in my room so proud of herself, "Look mom, seven clips" Sure enough she had seven clips in her hair. She promptly told me to take a picture of her with her seven clips, so I did.
She is such a funny girl, she always keeps us laughing!

Friday, August 27, 2010

First day of school 2010

School started on Tuesday August 24th for Bailey and Morgan. Bailey started Sixth grade and Morgan started Third grade. They had so much fun and it was exciting to see all their friends again. It's nice that we can get back into a routine again even though I kinda miss them during the day.

Sleeping in the crib

At almost 12 weeks I noticed that Oakley was about as big as the bassinet. His feet touched the bottom and his head was nearly to the top. We decided that it was time to put him in the crib in Owen and Reagan's room. We had to take some toys downstairs and rearrange the room but we were able to fit everything in. The first night I woke up about every hour to check on him but he did great only waking up once at 4:30. He looks so little in the crib but I know that he is much more comfortable now.

Random pictures of Oaks

I can't believe how fast my baby is growing, it makes me so sad but it is fun to see him grow. I had some random pictures on my camera so I decided to post them.
He loves his bouncy chair. He loves to sit in it on the counter and watch me cook or do dishes. He usually ends up falling asleep in it.
He finally enjoys his baths. He is starting to kick his legs. He also likes to turn his head to drink some of the water, but I try not to let him do that!

I have tried him in the Bumbo a few times but he really isn't a fan of it. We will keep trying because it will be nice to put that on the counter, instead of the bouncer, while I cook

We just love this boy so much!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Playing in the rain

Mid August brought us a lot of rain storms. The kids loved playing in the rain and getting soaking wet! We even got a little hail which didn't feel as nice as the rain. It was nice to get a little cool down from the heat.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

All dressed up

August sure is the month to get married in! My sister Melodie was married on August 7th (which was also my parents anniversary) and then Bruce's brother Boulder was married the next week on August 14th! We are so happy for everyone but we hope that weddings are put on hold for a while. Infact when we were getting ready for Boulders wedding Reagan asked where we were going and I told her that we were going to the Temple because Boulder was getting married. She started crying and said, "But the Temple is so boring!"
Well I forgot to take pictures of the kids before Melodie's wedding (it was at 7 am!) but I made sure to take pictures of my beautiful children before we took off to Boulders wedding.

Owen wanted a picture alone with his "baba". He loves having a little brother so much!

Free wagon rides

The kids love playing with the wagons and Parker is more than happy to pull the girls around. Sometimes they will get two wagons going, the person on the back of the green wagon will hold the red wagon, that way all the kids get a ride at the same time.