Friday, February 22, 2008

Our new kitchen table

We finally have a kitchen table! We are very excited about it, we have been eating at the kitchen counter for 5+ years so it will be nice to have everyone at the table!

As you can see Reagan LOVES our new addition, she can climb on to it and then get in to her highchair, or just dance on the top of it...she is a silly girl!

This picture is a little fuzzy becuase my camera was on the wrong setting but I just think Reagan looks so cute sitting there like a big girl!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I got tagged

20 years ago: 1988...I was 11, in sixth grade...I I was hating cursive, spanish and math Ü

10 years ago: 1998...I was getting ready to get married, probably doing dress fittings, getting bridemaid dresses ready, cake know all the fun stuff! We also moved to the "spider house" this year (basement apartment)

5 years ago: 2003...Bailey was 3 1/2 and Morgan was 8 months, Morgan was walking, yes walking, Bailey could recite the pledge of allengance and could almost read, I was loving being a mom and a wife and I was babysitting Bridger

3 years ago: 2005...Bailey was 5 1/2, Morgan was 2 1/2 and Owen was 7 months...still love being a mom and a wife we were living in the duplex by the high school, we call it the lady bug house because there was a tree in the front yard that attracted lady bugs Ü I started babysitting a lot more kids, Bridger, Sage, Canyon, Ruben, and Alek...

1 year ago... 2007...Bailey was preparing for baptism, Morgan was preparing for kindergarten, Owen was being a boy and Reagan was six months old...we were building our house, glad that is over! Still loving being a mom and wife and a babysitter Ü

So far this year...2008...We are in our new house, still trying to "move in", Bailey loves third grade, Morgan loves Kindergarten and is reading up a storm, Owen needs preschool but I was too slow for that but he is learning how to write his name, he loves being read to, I am actually reading him "Gossamer" right now which is a second-third grade level book, Reagan is a sweetheart but starting to get frustrated because she knows what she wants but doesn't yet have the words to express it, we are working on sign language which seems to help, I just need to get better a doing it more, I still babysit, I have Makayla, Eric and Alex they are fun and keep my kids entertained Ü

Yesterday I...babysat, took the kids to the ward play group, did some laundry, dishes, vacuumed and swept...nothing too exciting

Today I...babysat, took the kids to the libarary for the story time, paid bills, went to Wal-mart, and pretty much the same as above Ü

Later tonight...I need to go pick Bailey up from her friends house, put kids to bed, and I will probably crash early cause I am tired Ü

Tomorrow...babysit but only Makayla so its an easy day Ü I really should finish up the laundry for this week, Oh yea I am going to have our new table delivered!!! so I will probably mop to prepare for that, and then I am taking the girls and we are going to Cami's school to get our hair cut for $3!!!

This year I hope a better mom and wife...I need to be more patient, I want to loose weight but then I want to get pregnant too so we will see in December which one wins! I need to organize my house and help Bruce organize the garage I will take any suggestions Ü

I cant remember who sara tagged to I will tag Amy, Radel, Erin, and who ever else wants to do it!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Sick Kids

Reagan has had a rough month. She started it out with a small cold, then she had the stomach flu, then she got a bigger cold, then an ear infection with a little pnumonia, they put her on antibiotics but her body said no and she got such bad diarrhea, she lost her appetite and started getting dehydrated. I was going to take her to the doctor but they were closed so I decided to take her to the ER. They gave her an IV but first taking blood and urine, they tried giving her the IV in her arm but it blew so they did it in her little hand. The saddest thing is that she just layed there letting them poke and prod her...

The next day she was feeling better, it was a good sign that when I went to get her when she woke up that she actually sat up, she hadn't done that for a few days. later on she was signing "eat" so we put her in her highchair and gave her bread, crackers, applesauce and apple juice...she didn't eat much but at least she showed interest.

Later on that evening I took her back in for them to check her out and take the IV out (or give her more fluids in needed), they must have had her little hand wrapped just a little to snug and the connection for the IV gave her a little bruise, there is also one on the side of her sad, but I would rather her have some bruises and feeling better than to have her so sick...