Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The triplets

Here are more pictures of Reagan, Abi, and Elsie. As you can see Reagan was having a hard time that day. I was off working on the house, she didnt have her afternoon nap, she didnt eat a good lunch and she is getting two new teeth. She just wanted to go home!

"Be strong..."

"why are you doing this to me?"

Pretty in Pink

Sweet babies!

"Why are you guys not crying too?!"

As long as she sat on Rachels lap she seemed to be happy!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Holdaway House Project

The last 10 months of building our own home have been challenging but now we are seeing that it is all going to be worth it! The only things we have left are finish plumbing (putting in sinks, toilets, etc.), carpet, and appliances. We are excited but it still feels like it is going to be a while. We were hoping before Halloween but now we are hoping before Thanksgiving!

Our house!!

It looks sad now but this is our tree a fruitless mulberry. We will prune it in the spring and it will look better!

Our kitchen. That empty spot is were the dishwasher will go.

Another look at our countertops. The sink will go under the window and the stove next to that and then the fridge will go against the wall next to the pantry!

Holdaway House Project

More of the Holdaway House Project
Outside Lights

Most of the inside lights look like this one

Our house number

The light above the kitchen table

Hall bathroom sink/countertop

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I know that school has been in for a while now but here is the girls first day of school pictures!
Bailey starting 3rd grade!
Morgan starting Kindergarten!!

The triplets

These are the triplets. Reagan and her two cousins Abi and Elsie. They are all born within two months of each other. Every time we are together we take pictures of them.