Monday, July 19, 2010

The magic bike rides again

Reagan is so good on her bike with training wheels
that we decided to try out the magic bike on her.
Morgan helped steady her
and then she just took off!
This bike seriously is magic
you can read more about it here
The crazy thing is that the magic bike had a flat tire
so a few days ago I tried out Owen's old bike on her
Well she just fell over
she could not ride it at all
Then Bruce fixed the magic bike today
she took off on it.
The bike is truly magical!

Bruce and I could think of 12 kids
that have taken thier first ride on the magic bike
There will always be a place at our house
for the magic bike!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Peterson family reunion at Payson Lakes

It's time for the annual Peterson Family Reunion
and of course we spent a day at Payson Lakes
This time we went on a Monday
there was hardly anyone there
and we went over to the grassy side of the lake
it was so much better for the kids to play around
we kind of took up a lot of space
we had three shade canopy's
plus a few blankets
but nobody seemed to mind
My sister and her hubby brought down thier canoe
and everyone had fun with that!
Of course most of the men folk did fishing
but it wasn't that great
and the kids swam
but the water was freezing cold
but everyone sure had fun anyways

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I can't believe that my baby is six weeks old already!
the last six weeks of pregnancy didn't go by this fast!
*Oakley gained over three pounds in the first month
he now weighs 11 lbs 8 oz!
(at least he did two weeks ago he's probably 13+ lbs now)
*He has lost most of his hair on the top
but it is starting to grow back
and I am seeing a lot of blond grow in!
*He sleeps like an angel the first half of the night
usually going 5-6 hours
and then wakes up every 2 hrs after that
*He is still sleeping most of the day
but is usually awake in the evenings
*He is starting to smile
*He loves to be warm
bordering on hot
if he is a little bit cold his little chin quivers
*He hates his baths
but loves to have his hair scrubbed.
We just can't get enough of this little boy
and we are glad he is in our family!

Owen turned six on the fifth!
He had a pretty fun day
I forgot to wrap his presents
so I hurried up and wrapped them in the morning
just to have him open them five seconds later
He wanted a skateboard
but there were so many designs to choose from
I decided to print out a picture of one
then he could pick it out himself
after that he ate cake
and played batman on the xbox
We are so happy to have Owen in our family
he is such a boy
which I love
but he gets so crazy at times
he loves to wrestle
play baseball
he is a great dancer
he loves to sing
and he learns the words to songs so fast!
he loves to help his dad work on things
and even has his own tools
We love you Owen
Happy Birthday!

Morgan decided to get baptized on July 3rd, 2010
I am so happy that she made the choice to be baptized
she is a good example for her little sister and brothers
She did have to be 'dunked' twice
because Bruce didn't have his hands in the right place
that's ok, she didn't mind going in twice!

The 'middle' kids did swim lessons this year
they all did excellent!
Morgan and Owen both passed their levels with flying colors
Reagan just needed to do a back float to pass hers
They learned a lot and gained a lot of confidence
We love swim lessons!

Bailey and Oakley had fun watching
Bailey wanted to take a break from lessons this year
but next year both her and Oakley will be in swim lessons!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Owen and Bailey had a great cheering section
even if we had to let them have a otter pop once in a while!

Bailey decided to try out softball this year
and she loved it!
She had a bit of a learning curve to overcome
but she made great progress in the end
her team even went to state!
She had a great team
they were positive
they cheered eachother on
and gave great support!
I was glad she had a good experience
and she wants to do it again next year!

Our stake had a swim party a few weeks ago
it was so windy that night
but the kids had fun anyways
the little one's didn't last long
but long enough to have some fun!