Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Oakley at nine months

He is a mover! 
A week before he turned nine months he started crawling.  Reagan was sitting on the ground playing her DSi and Oakley started crawling towards her!  She kept on moving and he kept of following her.  We had him crawling for the old DS's all night long.  Now he is everywhere!  He tries to follow me into the kitchen, he does pretty good but the kitchen floor is a little slippery so he ends up going backwards sometimes!
Some other fun things that he is doing this month
*He got his first tooth
*He loves sticking out his tongue and feeling his new tooth
*He has discovered books and loves to sit on my lap and will let me read one or two books before he is done 
*He has started sleeping better since he has been over RSV.  He usually goes seven hours before waking up.  I am still waiting for the 10 hour stretch...
*He can drink really good out of a sippy cup, which makes it so I can leave him for more than an hour
*He loves the kids but gets mad if someone other than mom or dad try to pick him up
*He can play so good by himself
He is such a happy baby and we are so glad he is in our family.  I just wish he would grow up a little slower!