Sunday, October 26, 2008

Painting pumpkins

We painted our pumpkins the other day. Bruce was gone hunting so I thought that it would be a fun thing to do with the kids. I decided to have the kids use washable paint instead of the acrylic paint that you are supposed to use on pumpkins. Unfortunatly the washable paint is also flaky paint and it is just flaking off the pumpkins...against my wishes we will probally end up carving the pumpkins later on this week...

Baileys pumpkin was teal with a white scary face

Morgan repainted her about 5 times, good thing it was washable! She finally settled on a hot pink pumpkin with a happy face, complete with rosy cheeks

Owen could not decide between Yoda, incredible hulk, or a ninja turtle, good thing they are all green!

Reagan just freehanded hers, but if you look closely you can see she did paint a green 'R', I asked Bailey and Morgan if they did it and they were both surprised that it was there, so I guess she did do it!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Owen's first day of school

I feel so sorry for this kid...This really isn't his first day of school, he actually started on the 22nd but I forgot to take his picture that day so I needed to wait until he wore the shirt he wore on the first day of school again...
He looked so darn cute I had to post both of the pictures that I took
He has been having kind of a rough time, he is used to taking naps but school is right during nap time...the first week he loved it but now reality is setting in and he is tired and cries for me, which he really never does, so it breaks my heart.
Every morning he wakes up and asks if he has school. When I tell him that he does he says, "But I really don't love school." He is so cute!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pumpkin patch

Today we decided to take a trip to the "Big Red Barn" in Santaquin to pick out some pumpkins. It was really fun. We got to take a ride on a tractor pulled wagon to the pumpkin patch and there we all picked out our perfect pumpkin.

We had to wait for a little bit before they had a driver who was available so we took some pictures of the kids.

searching for the perfect pumpkin...

Bailey wanted a perfectly round pumpkin, but then she found this one and saw its potential.
Morgan wanted a really big one...she settled on this one

Owen found his pumpkin as soon as we got off the tractor. He hauled it around saying, "It's heavy, it's heavy." under his breath. Bruce finally convinced him that he could set it down in a special spot while the girls chose their pumpkin.

Reagan was getting tired and hungry and didn't want to pose for any pictures so Morgan was helping her.

You can see her lovely onery expression behind the pumpkin

Bruce asked the tractor driver if the kids could sit in the bucket of the tractor, he said they could and so I took a picture...Reagan didn't want any more pictures taken at this point and was just crying for me to hold her...

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Our kitties

So I hate cats...but then I held these guys...and I am in love...
My mom had a stray that they had tamed and she was really sweet, well then she had 7 kitties in May and soon they needed homes. Owen immediately fell in love with the tabby cat and started calling him Spider (after Spiderman). The kids begged and begged and finally I held the siamese one and he was so sweet and cuddley I was sold. Now I just needed to convince Bruce to let the kids (and me) get the kitties, they would be strictly outside cats and the kids would take care of them. I didn't take much to get Bruce to say yes because he hates to say no to his kids!
Well the cats didn't stay outside for long...the kids worried that it was too hot outside so they would sneak them in...then Bruce even started to let them in they are inside all the time.They are the best kitties in the world. They don't scrach, bite and they let the kids tote them around the house all day long. When ever they are not being tourtured they are sleeping.

Simon sleeping
Spider snuggling with his favorite blanket, he rubs his face in it and sucks on it, so weird!
They love the kids and are always worried about them. When Morgan was sick they stayed with her night and day. When Reagan wakes up in the morning Simon sits by her door while Spider nudges me awake!

Younger Simon...still sleeping

Spider sill cuddling with the blankets