Thursday, June 11, 2009

Playin' in the kiddie pool

We were at Wal-mart a few weeks ago
the kids saw the little kiddie pool
Morgan and Owen begged for it
I figured that it was cheap
the lady only charged me $10 but I think that she was supposed to charge me more...
and it would be great for the summer
the next day their new swimming suits arrived
they had to try out the new pool!

Seriously Morgan is so freakishly strong!

I love the look on Reagan's face
it says,
"I think that we are up to no good!"
Bailey helped Reagan
until she got the hang of jumping in the poolReagan go pretty cold
really fast!Even Dory played outside!
She really didn't want to get wet
but she enjoyed watching the kids! We are so ready for summer
especially after the last week of storms we have had!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Garden

I cannot believe how much of a difference 10 days make
I love having my very own little garden
I feel so productive
with very little effort
everyday I go outside
I always see something new
a new leaf
a new bud
new fruit
the only thing I hate is the new weeds
but hopefully over time the weeds won't be as bad...
one can hope right?
the above picure was taken on the 1st
the one below was taken on the 10th
the tomatoes on top were on the first
the tomatoes below were taken on the tenth
top strawberries on the first
bottom strawberries on the tenth

top first
bottom tenth

top first
bottom tenth
I think you are getting the idea...

and last but not least are my saskatoon blueberries
I didn't take any pictures on the first
because they were still just sticks!
I am so happy with my garden
I can't wait until I get to pick
fresh fruits and vegtables
from my very own garden

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Morgan's 7th birthday

Morgan turned the big seven today!
I can't believe how fast the time has gone.
She had quite the rough start
but she was born with the spunk to get her through it!
She brings life into our home
she is a girl of a million faces
shes a great cleaner
she has been cleaning the bathroom since we moved here
and she does a pretty good job too
she also loves to organize
she organizes her dresser
the bathroom counter
the computer desk
she even helped her teacher organize papers at school!
we are thankful for her spunk and attitude
she really is a great addition to our family!
Here she is
first thing in the morning
bedhair and everything
she was trying to smile through a yawn
Bailey and I decided to play a little trick
she knew she was getting new shoes
so we decided to make a treasure hunt
when she opened the shoes
she thought she was done
until we pointed out to her that there was a hint
"To find present number two
go somewhere that there are things to chew"

She caught on to the game quickly
she ran to the pantry
and searched it for her next present
she opened it
it was gum from Bailey
on it was a hint
"To find the present that’s numbered three
Now go to a place where colors might be"

she immediatly ran to the computer desk
where we keep all the crayons and such
she found present number three
which was her very own colored pencils
on it was a hint
"Now to help you find present number four
Don’t you dare look at the floor"

She threw her head up in the air
and ran through out the house
she found it taped to the ceiling
by the laundry room
in it was an mp3 player
and a hint
"Just one last present you need to find
Go somewhere that has things to ride"

She ran outside
stopping for a half a second to put on her shoes
but it was taking too long
so she ran out side barefoot
to the bike rack
and there she found her new bike!
I wish that I was on the other side of the bike
so that I could have captured her whole expression
it was priceless
she has wanted a new bike
for her whole life
she has always had "hand-me-down" bikes
and now she has a brandnew
clean tires
never been ridden

She got on it right away
and took it for a spin
she is in love!
I am so happy that we did a treasure hunt for her
she said afterward
that she thought that she only got the shoes
but she said she liked doing the hunt!
Happy Birthday my Muggies
We love you!