Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Reagan and Abi always have so much fun together
they are both a combination of shy and outgoing
they both love to giggle
and are fun to watch play
Rachel was over at our house one night to check her Email
Reagan needed a bath and Abi really wanted to get in
they had fun in the bubbles
Abi got to wear Reagans jammies
and they both cuddled up with a cup of milk
Its just too bad that we didn't have Elsie to share the evening with!

The Big Red Barn/ Pumpkin Patch

Since moving to Payson
we have had a tradition of going to
The Big Red Barn
We get to ride on a tractor
There are TONS of pumpkins to choose from
and they have yummy goodies in their gift shop

On the Big Green Tractor

Cami and Clint joined us this year
on the search for the perfect pumpkin
Owen went to the very end of the patch for the perfect oneBailey wanted a skeleton pumpkin
she found two she had to choose from
Morgan had a hard time making her decision too

Owen finally found his perfect pumpkin
after searching the entire patch And Reagan found one just her size
Even Bruce found his perfect one
sadly a few days later the stem got broken off...
Everyone came home happy
and we ended up with 64 pounds of pumpkin

Friday, December 11, 2009

School fall Carnival

In late September we went to the girls' school carnival
There were lots of things to do
Everyone had fun!

The kids ran ahead
Bruce started walking with Reagan
I was on my way catching up
when I saw this
Reagan LOVES her daddy

Bailey took off with her friend
the younger three dug in the sand

Morgan and Owen had fun in the blow-up slides

Morgan, Owen and Reagan all enjoyed the mini golf

Morgan and Owen tried to make the monkey fly
and knock the blocks

I was able to catch Bailey just in time
climbing the rock wall
she made it to the very top!
Our cute little neighbor, Adi
was brave enough to try it out too

Reagan got very sticky from all the cotton candy

Morgan and Owen had just enough tickets to get their face painted

We love the school carnival
it gets better every year
were excited to see what they will have next year!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Bailey for Secretary

In the beginning of the school year
there were elections for Student Body Officers
Bailey came home and announced that she wanted to run for Secretary
We made lots of posters
with the help of my cousin Cami

We used two slogans
"Bay is the Way for Secretary"
"Bailey isn't Lazy, Vote for her or you'll be Crazy"

She didn't end up winning
but she sure had fun while it lasted!

Hide 'n Seek

The kids love to play hide 'n seek
too bad we don't have a lot of places to hide
Reagan and Owen liked their spot under the counter I couldn't believe how tan they were
You forget what tan looks like
when its cold and everyone is pasty!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Payson City 'Onion Days' Carnival

We missed the Springville 'Art City Days' this year
so we had to be sure to catch the 'Onion Days'
The kids, mostly, had fun
Reagan was a little over whelmed
Bailey had nobody to ride with
all the kids had a chance to ride a few rides

Reagan and Owen liked the ducks and boats

The merry-go-round

Bailey did the Super Slide

Bailey, Morgan and Owen all did the maze

Morgan, Owen and Reagan all rode the choo-choo train
Morgan wasn't very excited about it...

Bailey rode the Gee Whiz with Aspen, Mckenzie, their mom and Grandma

Morgan, Owen and Reagan all finished up with the dragon roller coaster

Overall we had fun.
Bailey wished she had someone to ride more rides with
Reagan was a little overwhelmed with everything
We can't wait until next year!