Friday, October 7, 2011

Reagan's second missing tooth

A few weeks ago I was taking Owen to a friends house to play.  Reagan and Alex (our neighbor) went along for the ride.  Well Reagan and Alex were being goofy in the back seat and Reagan put her unicorn stuffed animal in her mouth and Alex pulled it out proceeding to make Reagan's tooth really loose.  She was excited and scared at the same time.  

She would wiggle her tooth everyday to make it looser but didn't want dad to try to pull it.  After we went to the splash park Dad bribed Reagan with a King Kong Kone from Macey's if she let him try to pull it out.  

She agreed and promised that once we got home that he could try two times.  

We got her the ice cream cone and everyone else got one too.  When we got home and Reagan had finished all that she wanted, she put her ice cream in the freezer and made good on her promise to dad.  She let him try.  It only took once and it was out!  It still had quite a bit of root left on the front side but it didn't bleed hardly at all and she said it felt much better to have it out.

Morgan and Oakley

Near the end of our splash park day Morgan picked up Oakley and they would run through the fountains together.  Morgan would pause in front of the fountain and wait for Oakley to say "GO" and he would motion with his hips and shoulders for her to go and she would run through it to the next one and the process would repeat.  They both loved it!  

I always seem to ask Morgan to help me out with Oakley.  Most of the time she jumps at the chance but sometimes she doesn't want to because she is involved with something else but she still will do it.  I think that these two have such a neat bond now because of all I ask of her.  When I am not around he will almost always choose to go to her.  I love that.  I hope that they will always be close.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Spanish Fork Splash Pad

As part of the orchestra, Bailey was invited to go to Frightmares at Lagoon.  Her and a friend decided that they really didn't want to go and wanted to go to a movie instead.  After we did our Saturday chores we went a picked up her friend and dropped them off at the movie theater.  Then the rest of us decided to check out Spanish Fork's splash pad.  It was a little cooler but that didn't stop anyone from having fun!

 It was the perfect day for us to go.  There were hardly any other kids there

 Morgan helped keep dad cool

 I love this sideways walk that Oakley has been doing.  Man, he is just growing up to darn fast!

 Oaks must have been thirsty because he kept on leaning over to drink out of the fountains when they were low.  Dad and I kept expecting him to get a face full of water but he didn't

 Owen and Reagan got the coldest so they tried warming up on the sidewalk.  Reagan was also showing me how she does push-ups

 When that didn't work they hugged the light poles.  We stayed for a little over an hour but then everyone was getting too cold.  We will have to remember to go next summer!