Thursday, August 21, 2008

First day of school

School has started!!! The girls have been so ready for school and now it is finally here! Notice their cute new awesome cousin Cami cut it at her school, she did such a great job! Thanks!

Bailey started 4th grade this year, she is getting so old!
Morgan started 1st grade this year, and despite the look on her face she really was excited, she just isn't a morning person!
Owen wanted to get his picture taken...he was pretty sad when I told him that school wasn't starting for him yet and that he would have to wait another month...
Bailey with her teacher Mrs. White, she seems like a great teacher who loves kids!Morgan with her teacher Mrs. Hanson, she too seems like a great teacher. I think that we are going to have a great year!

Irrigation at Grandma Beardall's

While the whole family was in town we got to help with the flood irrigation at my Grandma Beardall's house. It is always a fun time for the kids! Bailey and Morgan were taking advantage of the little ones being occupied by water to do some building on the playhouse with out the little ones bugging them. But Owen and Reagan didn't even notice the girls were gone and they had a blast!

This is the way Owen's pants were the enitre time...I would tell him to pull them up and he would tell me that they don't want to go up! He paid the price with a lovely sunburn on his upper bum!

Its not all play, there is also work to be done!

Reagan had so much fun, she danced, ran, jumped and fell in the water and laughed so hard I was crying! I love the picture below because it kind of shows how long her eyelashes are getting, I swear every day they are longer and thicker!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


After we came back from Payson lakes...which sadly I didn't get any picture of us up the canyon :( ...we had TONS of fish! The guys cleaned and skinned them and Bruce cooked them up and also cooked up some yummy hamburgers and hot dogs.
Bruce is the resident griller, he makes a mean burger!
Andy loved posing with the fish and boy there was a ton of them!

Building a playhouse

The kids loved working on the clubhouse. Andy and Alberto built a frame for it and the kids helped by adding the walls on to it.

Bailey got a little frustrated becuase there was a lot of little kids that were 'helping' and the wood was a little older so it tended to split when they put the nails in it, but over all they really enjoyed this project!

Reagan loved going in and out of the door. The rest of the kids didn't think that it was very convinent!

Family Pictures

This past weekend we had the Peterson Family Reunion. It is always a fun time to see the "Idahoans" and get together to make some fun memories! We did a lot of fun things, on Thursday we played in the water at my house and ate crepe's for dinner (we were going to go to the Payson pool but it was closed for employees), the next day we went up to Payson lakes for fishing and to play in the water, it was perfect up there! On Saturday we did family Pictures, irrigation at my Grandma Beardalls house that my mom bought and then after lunch Ariel put together "The Peterson Family Olympics" It was really fun, I know that she put in a lot of time and effort for it and it really showed. We had a lot of fun, I will have pictures to come...I hope that I took some, it was so crazy busy that sometimes I forgot to pull out the camera!
Our Family: Bailey, Reagan, Me, Owen, Bruce and Morgan

Everybody! Black: April's family, White: Kim's family, Brown: Rachel's family, Green: Emily, Blue: one's who still live at home, Gray: Sara's family and the Red is my family...we kind of stick out!

We did some funny pictures too! I really love to see everyones ideas!

We did all the grandkids with the blankets that Emily made them, with Emily of course! They all love their Emmy blankets!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Reagan!!

Happy Birthday Reagan! I can't believe that you are 2 already! It seems like yesterday when these pictures were taken. You were such a happy baby, such a good sleeper and you still are! You love to make people laugh, you will do funny things just to get a smile out of someone. You are starting to talk up a storm, the other day the mountain was on fire and you kept saying,"Momma, danger, fire, hot!" over and over again! I am so happy that you are in our family, I don't know what we did with out you!

My sweet kids!
For your birthday you got a new bike, mega blocks and panties! You have everything else because of the older kids but I figured that you would have fun with these!

I love you Reagan Grace and we have been blessed since you joined our family! HAPPY BIRTHDAY REAGIE ROO!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Santaquin Days Parade

Today was the Santaquin Day's Parade. Bailey and Morgan have been taking a summer dance class and they got the opportunity to march in their first parade. It was a short parade and there were plenty of clouds in the sky so it wasn't too sunny or hot, perfect for a first parade!

Bailey was concentrating hard

Morgan is quite the performer!

Owen had so much fun getting all the candy that people were throwing out
Reagan was having a sad day, she hated the sirens and horns, plus her allergies were acting up...She is telling Bruce what a hard life she has!