Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We got...

Bruce went fishing the other day
He took the older three
they didn't have much luck
Morgan caught an 18" cutthroat
but the proclamation said that it was too big
and they had to release it
they only caught one other fish
so they cut the trip short
on the brighter side of things
they got to bring home all the worms!
Owen and Reagan have been loving them
everyday they ask, "Can I play with the worms?"
it is terribly gross
but it does keep them entertained

I was babysitting my nephew
He really wanted to hold a worm
he was just too scared
one of these days he will be brave enough

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Dory and Reagan

We love Dory
she has been the best dog ever
she rarely barks
she has never had an accident
she listens to us
and she lets the kids climb all over her!
The other day Reagan was being so silly
so I took a few shots of them together
Reagan really loves Dory
we really don't know what we did
without this sweet dog

Muscle shirt

While we were pulling weeds
I was tucking my shirt sleeves up
in attempts to blend in my farmers tan
Owen was trying to do the same
but it just wasn't working
the sleeves wouldn't stay up
I said, "Lets go inside and get you a muscle shirt"
and Owen said, "Yea, cause this shirt isn't very strong."

After we changed his shirt
he had to pose for a few pictures
Reagan wanted me to take a picture of her muscles too
but she is still being a stinker
and won't look at my camera very well

Getting the garden ready

I wish that I had taken a before picture
by the time I did most of the garden was weeded
just know it was covered in grass, morning glory and thistle
Owen and Reagan loved 'helping' me
I showed them how to pull the weed by the root
but they preferred the 'chop' method

After we got it all weeded
I used our mini tiller to till all the ground under
then I covered the entire garden with black plastic
with hope of suffocating the weeds

Monday, May 11, 2009

Bathing Beauties

Well no visit is complete
without a bath shared between cousins
Reagan and Elsie are probably
two of the happiest two year old there are
sure they have their moments
but they are really just happy giggly girls

They had so much fun

splishing and splashing

Thank you Matthews
for letting us come and stay
we should make this our 'Spring break' tradition!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Reagan and Elsie

Reagan and Elsie were so cute together

I love that Reagan gets along with everyone

she may be a little shy at first

but once she warms up

she won't stop giggling!

At the park there was this dinosaur rocker

it was big enough that Reagan and Elsie could sit side by side

they were so cute

I love how Elsie would lean over

almost like she was telling Reagan a juicy secret!


This was one of slides that Reagan went down
the steps up to the slide were round
and not connected
at first I was reluctent to let Reagan do it
but she climbed them like a pro!

After all the hard work
she finally got to the top
then a boy pushed her down!
She was heartbroken
she didn't want to go on it again