Wednesday, November 18, 2009

First day of school

I don't know if I will ever be caught up with my blog,
but I am trying!
The girls started school in August
Bailey started 5th grade
Morgan started 2nd
Owen was supposed to start Kindergarten
but we decided to hold him back
give him one more year to mature a little bit...

Both girls were very excited to start school
a little nervous
but still excitedBailey's teacher is Mrs. Buys
she is a fun, bubbly teacher
but she also expects a lot from her kids
Morgan's teacher is Mrs. Butler
She is more structured and firm
but very loving
Morgan was worried
she had heard from kids that Mrs. Butler was mean
But Morgan gave her a chance
and she loves her teacher!
Bailey was a little embarrassed with me taking so many pictures
Morgan wanted me to stay and take more!
What a difference a few years make!